2020 – An era surrounded with Modernization, Globalization ad Digitalization. We all are living in an advance and modest world where inventions and innovations are getter common day by day. The materialistic things are getting more exposure and people are working hard to acquire it. Everybody is running behind something they desire.

YOU . . . ME . . . ALL OF US 😊


Do you know!

There’s an important thing around us which controls everything. Whole world runs on it. Take any big Company/Business. Without it, it won’t run. Industrial, Commercial, Financial, Educational, Media, Films, etc; everything works for it. It is the actual thing which rules over everything.

Any Guesses what it could be?

Hmm… Almost there…...

Now, you are guessing it right.😃

YES, that’s MONEY ! ! ! 💰

The most powerful resource in the world. All of us struggle and hustle for it. No bread can be earned without it. Money is a modern tool which helps to acquire anything we desire. We all have expectations and only money is the solution to fulfil them.

In our today’s blog, you’ll get to know about the Evolution of money from Centuries to Centuries. Money is as old as human beings. Nowadays, money can be seen in various forms and appearances.


How does it start?

Who made it?

Like this, many questions would be there in your mind. Let me help you with it. To understand it properly, we have to Time Travel many centuries back. So, let’s fasten up your seat belt and come along with me in a journey called ‘History’.

And, here we go…🚀

Finally, we reached safely with no casualties. (Just Kidding)🤣

Jokes apart, let’s begin now.

In ancient times, humans were evolving. They were understanding the needs and necessities of things around us. They formed to live in groups, families and tribes. Emotionally and Practically they were progressing. Gradually, they started producing things, crops, handmade products, tools and other commodities too. Similarly, many other tribes and groups started the same. Everyone was unique and different things started to invent. This created an attraction as well as awareness. This was the beginning of 'DESIRE'.

Human beings are social creatures. The attraction of things made them to communicate between one another. So, communication helped them to get mixed up with each other. Here 'TRADE' was born. They exchanged things in turn of things of same value with each other.

For Eg: A bag of Rice    A bag of Wheat.

No sooner this system was adopted by everyone and trading of commodities were taken into action. This is known as ‘BARTER SYSTEM”. And here, the commodities were used as money.

Now, let us travel a little further.🚀

After successful Barter System, peoples were getting advance and started simplifying things according to their preferences. So, here comes the ‘Age of Kingdoms’. It was a period when several kings and kingdoms came into existence. Many kings with high power started minting their own coins with their kingdom’s symbols and message. This was followed by several others. Now, commodities were exchanged with coins. In this way, COINS came into existence. Coins were declared as the best resource for trade. Even promissory notes were used for any huge amount transfer over a distance. In present, we use promissory notes as a proof in Sending/Receiving amount or products.

During that period, many coins were minted. They were used to be made of Shells, Cowries, Pebbles, Flat Stones, Bones, Metals, etc.

But the journey didn’t stop here.

However, humans become more advance and Industrialization and Globalization came into action. At this time, peoples were more intelligent and formed their own Government to control the population. The role of government was to provide facilities and services to the people. In return people worked and payed taxes. Different countries were formed with different Governments. Every government issued their own COINS and CURRENCY NOTES.

These currency notes are known as “PAPER CURRENCIES”.

Presently, we all are using it in form of Notes, Cheques, Coupons, Demand Drafts, etc.

Later in 1900’s, a new innovation of money came into limelight. Money in form of ‘PLASTIC’.


Every one might have reacted the same.😕

How could money be inside a Plastic!

So, the answer was “Plastic Cards”. A card which was programmed with a microchip or magnetic strip integrated on it. When the card is swiped into the electronic machine the data present in card reflects in that machine and the user can Withdraw/Deposit Money. This technology was safe, secure, robust, efficient and widely adopted. These cards are known as ‘PLASTIC MONEY’.
Today we use it in form of Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Shopping Cards, etc.

Now, let’s travel back in present through our Time Travel Machine. 😊

Okay! We have reached.

Whooo! What an amazing journey it was!

Wait!            Wait!              Hold On!

Did we miss something?


( Ohh! Yes. We missed DIGITAL CURRENCIES )


I have an idea!

I have already made a blog on DIGITAL CURRENCIES. Yippee! 😊

Just Click Here >> DIGITAL MONEY <<
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