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 Right now, many Indians became happy after the Supreme Court’s verdict related to Cryptocurrency Trading and exchanging resulted positive. As compared to other nations we Indians have the potential to reach to the extent of any possible things. The innovations and visions we have is exceptional. So, whenever I see any emerging and deserving start-ups in India then my heart fills with pride. Today, in this blog I’m going to introduce a newly started Cryptocurrency Exchange which beholds the strength to develop its roots all over the world soon. I request everyone to read it till end.

The exchange which I’m introducing to my audience is;




BitPolo launched in India on 6Th May, 2020. It is managed by Mr. Suresh Choudhary (Chief Business Officer at BitPolo Exchange), Mr. Chandan Choudhary (Head of Strategy at Bitpolo Exchange) and of course their dynamic BitPolo Team.

A very new Exchange filled with enthusiasm and burning desire quality. Its journey begins from Bengaluru, Karnataka (India). The exchange, went live on 6th May. It was originally founded in March; the same month the Supreme Court ruled against the central bank's longstanding moratorium on crypto-related banking supportIt’s an emerging trading platform which provides time tested cryptocurrency services with competence in finance and technology. They firmly believe that crypto is the future of finance. BitPolo is an exchange that understands the dynamics of your trading need, offering the best trading services in India and across.

As compared to other exchanges they provide a distinct and better services to the users. To know more about the services let’s discuss some salient features in details;

Exchange View Of BitPolo
Image Courtesy: BitPolo

·         They provide much better prices than other exchanges.

·         They have the highest liquidity.

·         Zero withdrawal fees.

·         You can deposit amount instantly. Even deposit is free for UPI and RuPay Debit Card users.

·         Deposit limit depends on user’s bank limit and Withdrawal limit is 2L per transaction and 10L per day.

·         If you have any query then just live chat with them. Full support will be provided instantly.

·         BitPolo offers a low trading fee for users on the Indian & international turf. Trading is made cost-effective at BitPolo, an attribute that is unique to our cryptocurrency exchange.

·         A user-friendly interface designed to allure both beginners and professionals gives you complete control over your account.

·         Multi-tier, time-tested, offensive and defensive security implementations protect your accounts and keep your funds safe.

·         They have the best KYC (Know You Clients) verification system ever. It’s instant and takes a mere time of 5-10 mins to get verified with all proper documentations.

·         You can connect a maximum of 3 bank accounts.

·         Only 3 confirmations are required for depositing BTC.

·         Deep order books among all Indian Exchanges.

·         Due to deep order books, you can easily execute even 10 BTC at Market Price.

·         They provide equivalent of BTC/USDT Market in BTC/INR.

Why BitPolo?

Well, the above enlisted features are the perfect answer for this question. BitPolo, soon will create its own identity and will lead in field of Cryptocurrency exchanges. Presently, they have 5 Currencies Markets but soon it will be flourished with several others. All Cryptocurrencies have pair with INR.

1.       BTC – BITCOIN

2.      ETH – ETHEREUM

3.       LTC – LITECOIN

4.       DASH – DASH

5.       USDT - TETHER

Currency Listings - BitPolo

BitPolo is launching its Mobile Application soon. This application will help every user who don’t have laptop/desktop or don’t get time to access through Laptop or Desktop. It will be very helpful and trading will be ON THE GO. Trade Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow without any problem.

Upcoming Mobile App Update.

Certainly, you’re thinking of enrolling yourself with BitPolo,

Aren’t You?

Yes, Of course.

This is something that we can’t refuse. Just see those features. Mind-blowing, isn’t it?

Don’t worry, I’ll help you to do it rightly and systematically.

You are only 4 steps away from it. Yes, you heard it right. 😊

ü  Firstly, Visit BitPolo website and SIGN UP.

ü  Secondly, Complete your KYC.

ü  Thirdly, Deposit INR in your wallet.


My Point of View

As per me, BitPolo Exchange is new but not weak. Many of us shouldn’t judge their ability too sooner. Like, there’s a saying “Every Legend was once a Beginner”. So, BitPolo has just started its journey with a bang and possibilities. Its purely made for us and MADE IN INDIA. It’s our duty to support upcoming start-ups and lead them to higher horizons. There will be many surprises and updates coming in future from BitPolo Exchange Team. We must appreciate them for bringing such a brilliant technology in front of us and show support.

I hope you’ll like this blog. If you do, then please share it to all your friends and spread the greatness positively.

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