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Before starting the blog, I’ll give a short explanation of COIN MARKET CAP.  It is a website which is known for its listings of cryptocurrencies with their respective Market Volume and Current Market Value. Coin Market is best known for providing accurate and legit information.
Let us know more about Coin Market Cap.

What exactly it is made for?

Why should we use it?

Like this, several other questions will be answered in today’s blog.

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The person who came up with it is Brandon Chez. He founded Coin Market Cap in mid-2013. As per the experts, Coin Market Cap is World’s Most referenced price tracking website with around 83 Million pages views from worldwide and 1 Million daily active sessions. They claim to have the highest traffic among all other crypto sites.

Isn’t it amazing?

There are many more things which will drive you cofounded. As per ALEXA Traffic rank it holds the position of 815th in global market.

When we talk about their mission, then they have following mission associated with Cryptocurrencies and Crypto assets.

Their mission is to;

·         Make Cryptocurrencies discoverable.

·         Make efficient globally.

·         Empower retail users with unbiased, high quality and accurate information for drawing their own informed conclusions.

Coin market cap is considered as most trusted source of cryptocurrency by users, institutions and Media. Even it cited by major outlets like CNBC, BLOOMSBERG, FORBES and many others.
Now, let’s see some of their important moments throughout their journey.

·         May 2013: Coin Market Cap launches on this day.

·         May 2016: Introduces its first API.

·         May 2018: Launches first iOS app.

·         Aug 2018: Launches its professional API.

·         April 2019: Launches its first Android App.

·         Nov 2019: CMC introduces the Liquidity Metric.

·         April 2020: Binance acquires Coin Market Cap.

App View in CMC Mobile App

My personal opinion for Coin Market Cap.

I personally like it because of its accurate data and statistics. When you access the website, you won’t get any lag or difficulty in surfing. Everything is smooth and easily readable. Here, on CMC you can see more than 5.5k Cryptocurrencies stats. On dashboard you can see a list of TOP 100 Cryptocurrencies. All coins are well arranged in descending order by their capitalization amount.
Coin Market Cap also has its own application for Android and iOS. The app UI and interface are quite delightful and filled with multi-tools. It is also user friendly and gives an option for coins comparison. There is a different category for TOP EXCHANGES too with respect to their average liquidity and web traffic factor.

I personally suggest everyone of you to use Coin Market Cap regularly in form of App or Website. This is very useful for traders, users and analysts.




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