Have you heard about this word? ? ?

Yes, absolutely. Everybody trades daily in his/her day- to- day life.

[ Example: If you are in market and sees a thing which is your requirement and you were searching for that thing for a long time then what is the first thing you think?

To buy that as soon as possible. Right!

So, you go at that shop and ask the price. Then you exchange your money for that thing.

Did you Notice?
You just traded right now. Cool 😊]

In other words, trading is just 'BUYING & SELLING' of any kind of goods, products, shares, money, etc. From ancient times we all are trading in form of various exchanges. Similarly, in today’s modern world we still trade with several things around us. Our new generation has new technologies with modern trading system. Instead of Fiat money we shifted to CRYPTOCURRENCIES. Yes, this is the mainstream topic for everyone. We believe to deliver proper information related to the topics you need to know.

Trading of crypto currencies means buying and selling of BITCOINS and ALTCOINS. Now, we’ll discuss about the trading related to these digital coins.


As previously discussed in our older blogs about bitcoin we all are aware about BITCOIN’s invention and market value of all time. When we buy a BITCOIN or its smallest part, i.e. SATOSHI then we are known as a BUYER while the person who sold it is known to be a SELLER. This can only be done with the help of a trading platform. These trading platforms are known as EXCHANGES. Some known examples are – Wazirx, Giottus, Coinbase, Blockchain Exchange, Binance, etc. Here you can easily convert your FIAT MONEY to CRYPTOCURRENCIES.
·         INR to BTC
·         USD to BTC
·         BTC to INR
·         BTC to USD

(NOTE: The currency list depends on your country’s behaviour towards different exchanges.)


BITCOIN, being the first in the list of cryptocurrencies leads the market like a boss.
There are other cryptocurrencies too in the line. They are ALTCOINS or ALTERNATE COINS. Nowadays, people are engaging themselves in buying and selling of altcoins too. There’s a saying in crypto world.

“Never keep all your eggs in one basket.”

 It means we should not buy only one type of cryptocurrency. We should engage ourselves for Altcoins too. There are more than 5000 altcoins in market. We can choose any as per our preferences. So, to get maximum profit we must OBSERVE – ANALYZE – ACCOMPLISH.  

I hope this article will clear your doubts regarding trading of cryptocurrencies.

 Happy Learning and Happy Earning.